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Agro Homeopathy A New Subject For Many Classical Homeopaths

biodynamic agriculture - preparations in infinitesimal doses to improve its land and compost.

Many organisms fluctuate in time with the lunar and solar rhythms. Traditional lore of how to make use of this fact is confused and/or contradictory.
seeks to collect and analyse data from those undertaking relevant experiments to clarify the 60 years of existing experiment-based research.

Allied research on weed and pest control using homeopathy. see 'HOMOEOPATHY FOR FARM AND GARDEN' BY v d kaviraj mORE on this subject and articles by Kaviraj at

A framework is created for researching 'preparations' and traditional homoeopathic solutions on the land. The framework allows for diagnosis via the materia medica and repertory.
Anyone have anything to add regards using homeopathy for plants?...................please do so here............Should be a good discussion for all..................................

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Mark Moodie (from website- has posted on this subject here at HWC.See more via links to Agro Homeopathy...............
The ancients grew by the phases of the moon. They were in tune with nature. We are also effected by circadian rhythms and biorhythms of nature. This is why having surgery has better outcomes at particular times in a woman's cycle and the 24 hour cycle of each day.


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