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It is a case of viral warts started on right palm of a girl of 7 years of age . The warts were whitish, hard.Gradually the warts spread to left hand also .No other body part was involved.  She presented with no other symptom. As girl was brought to me with his brother the history was very vague. I started with antisycotic followed by all Causticum, Lycopodium, dulcamara, ant. crud but no result was achieved . She kept coming to me for a year and as she belonged to poor community I started treating her free. But I was getting frustrated as no reult could be seen. One day she came and I gave her Lac-Can 30 and told her not to come again and see some other Homepath if this doesnt get treated. and next month she didnt came . A year passed and I thought I have lost that case. After few days his brother brought another case of wart , I asked him what about Fatima , how are her warts and he told me those warts VANISHED AFTER THE LAST DOSE U GAVE. I was astonished . I told them u atleast could have come and told me.

Lac-Can -- symptoms move from one side to another

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Excellent but unusal.
Great experience!
Everything is possible in Homoeopathy
I wanted to state this particular case because it is beyond our prejudice and moreover shows Repertories needs to be edited again and again. Knowledge of materia medica is more important.
Very good experience.
Dear Dr.Neena, its a very nice case with some important insight being given. Though most of the times we think of Lac can for symptoms starting on left side and going to right, in repertory its clearly mentioned that symptoms move from oneside to the other side. This case again reminds us how important it is to observe the disease pattern and follow basic tenets of Homeopathy. Thanks a lot and keep posting such cases.

can you say a patient having a wart cured by lac can on the basis of symptom moves from one side to another.

dr e a farooquee
I wanted to state this particular case because it is beyound our prejuidice and moreover shows Repertories needs to be edited again and again. Knowledge of materia medica is more important
after being fully agreed with your reply i want to see more such cases under the column discussion.
my personal experience with the lac can: whatever the disease may be if there is dreams of snakes or there is fear of snake lac can in dynamic potency acts as a curative medicine for the patient

dr e a farooquee
Interesting cure. Read somewhere that warts have strong underlying cause and so are stubborn to treat. And it is practically so. Generally Thuja is first remedy thought of -- for whatever reason. There should be some special space for this subject.warts in our reportaries since treatment is generally has importance bacause of cosmetic importance. Thanks for the case Dr. Neena. And is there any remedy if warts are found only around eyes Dr neena? I did not find such entry in Boerick or Phatak.


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