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1. Mrs J was suffering since more than 2 years due to continuous sneezing in the mornings after she gets up from sleep. Some times, she reported, that she will sneeze during early morning hours also say 2 a.m. She invariably has itching of eyes during bouts of sneezing and when this itching in eyes is more, she has itching inside ears also. No discharge from nose reported.

I took the case trying to find other factors like sensations to identify the kingdom and identify the Miasm etc. But nothing was coming out from the patient. I thought she probably needed a mineral kingdom remedy since there was no sensitivity or "You vs Me" talk

So I tried to go through Kent's repertory for a combination of sneezing, itching of eyes and itching of ears. I could not locate any suitable rubric, at least clubbing two of the conditions. I consulted my friend Dr. S and asked her to give me help by searching Reference Works for these three conditions. She searched and gave me information that six remedies are coming out with slight variations.

a) Osmium which has ear ache also

b) Lycopodium which has itching in nose

c) Cyclamen with reduced smelling faculty

d) Aconite with hay fever

e) Argentum Nitricum with head ache

I gave the patient a 4 doses of Osmium 30 and asked her to take a dose per day for two days and the third dose after a week. 4th dose was to be kept as SOS.

The patient reported after two weeks that the sneezing has stopped completely in about a week's time. She has a few occasional sneezing episodes but nothing else. I asked to take the 4th dose in case the sneezing increase.

She reported after 3 weeks that no increase has taken place. And as of today it is 6 weeks and no problem is reported.

After this another case was reported. Mrs L reported similar symptoms, sneezing, itching of eyes and itching of ears. I simply gave her also 4 doses of Osmium. After a week I asked her the result, she said the medicine did not work at all.

This time I took her case with a little more detail. She had itching of the nose before sneezing starts. And had copious watery discharge also. I had treated her earlier for a chronic partial headache on right side of her crown, which was cured by a few doses of Nux Vomica. I knew at that time that she had some type of sensitivity indicating that she needed plant remedy.

The medicine Lycopodium which is listed at b) above has itching in nose also. So I gave a few doses of Lyco, one dose  to be taken on  alternate days. Within three days her sneezing, watery discharge of nose stopped and consequently no itching of eyes and ears. (it was reported today 16-4-2016). I asked her to report back next week.

Reference works came in very handy in these two cases.

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