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I was consulted by a mother about her school going child aged about 10. Complaint was that the girl was afraid of going to school, afraid of doing her homework, and worried about her marks. She was having anxious looks and not mingling with children in the evening for play.  I probed into more details and noted down these points, mostly mental indications.

Date 8-10-2009

Complaint of

1.Fear – anticipation of  ( exams, tests etc,)

              Rudeness of others ( parents teachers)

              Censured of being

              Destination of being unable to reach ( passing through her grade)

              Downward motion of ( getting less marks)

              Escape with desire to  (wants to avoid going to school)

              Examination before

              Failure of  (fear of failure to get pass marks in exams)

Anxiety –children in

              Midnight after ( gets up making big noises as if in a bad dream)

              An engagement of

              Dark in

              Expected of high of anything  ( expectarion of parents about her rank)

              Fright after

              Mental exertion from  (studies)

              Downward motion of

              Sleep during

              Time set if a

Injury-  injured , surrounds by his. 

I used synthetic reportery and complete reportory to look for the similimum in the above rubrics,  The result was carcinocinum was prominently seen nat-m and gels following it.  3 doses of Carsinocinum 30 C was given at 15 minutes interval  on 14 th oct 2009.

Feed back on 4-11-09.  The girl is very open now.  She explains what had gone wrong in her exams boldly.  Apetite increased noticeably.  Tells what to be packed for lunch and
finishes her lunch clean. Exhibits care free attitude and is very

One more dose of CARC advised.  Review aftr 15 days.    Anand 5-11-2009.

Carefree attitude and jovial attitude continues. Studies well.  No more anxieties as stated by her mother. ( On 20-07-2010)

I feel that the main problem was EXCESSIVE PARENTAL CONTROL.  Education in India esecially in Andhra Pradesh is very competitive.  Parents put undue pressure on children to get better ranks every time.  Schools put undue pressure to get all state ranks to their institutions.  Carcinocinum seems to be an excellent remedy for this excessive peer control. 

I would like comments from our homoeo world community.  Thanks


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