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Dear Homeopths,

I'm looking for homeopaths in Tiruvannamalai (India). The reason is, that I'm going to travel and to stay from January to March in Tiru. I would like to study and practice homeopathy during my stay in Tiru. So I will be very happy if somebody can help me in this. I'm studying homeopathy in Hungary and I am planning to pass the first level homeopathic exam in April 2011.
Thank you all kind of helping,

with regards,
Nóra Bérczi MD

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Possible. Dr. Nora. Hi. I am kuram srinivasachar anand and I am fascinated by Thiruvannamalai. What is your mission there? Mine generally is staying at Ramanashramam and enjoy the bliss. Knowing your schedule some meets can be arranged.
Dear Anand,

Thanky you your fast answer and advice. I am also fascinated by Ramana and my wish is to see the Auranachala. I don't have exact schedule yet, I have only my airplane ticket now. When will you be staying in Tiru? My email address is, we can discuss further in email, if it is better for you! Thanks.
I contacted Dr. Senthil who practices homeopathy in Thiruvannamalai. Also he is a member of HWC. He invited you to attend his clinic. You can send a message to him thro' HWC.


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