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I was reading the principles and when it came to potentisation, it was stated that a remedy at every potency is shaken about 100 times by striking against a, say, thick resilient leather bound book. If it was done for say about 1000 times what will happen? Or if done only twice what will happen? I read in one of the posts that the good doctor said he has given the remedy using only two succussions. What does it mean? In my understanding perfect and homogeneous blending of the drop of remedy and drops of alcohol is the criteria. Or is it?

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The basic idea behind this is the thorough mixing.That is what i understand.
Maybe provide more context to your reading. Do you have a link to the complete text and who is the author?
Hello Debby.
I think I was reading this information in a beginner's book in homeopathy . By an Indian author T.S. Iyer. I will conform it later since I have loaned the book to one of my cousin to tempt him to learn about homeopathy.
The name of the book is Beginner's guide to homeopathy By T.S.Iyer.
On page 16 to page 19, information is given.
On page 18, in the first paragraph, the procedure of 100 strokes on a leather bound book i s given. Probably later on the procedure is modified to 2 successions. I will try to paste the images. I am not conversant to this. But i will send the document on e-mail.

Regarding the number of strokes to be employed for raising the
potency of the drug substances, Hahnemann himself had changed his
views from time to time, and went on experimenting. He started
initially with 100 strokes but found them too strong as they
produced a violent aggravation. He then used only two strokes.
He, however, settled at ten strokes per potency rise. American
and German pharmacopoeias still advocate ten strokes. The
potentisation is to be carried out in accordance with the recipes
denoted under each monograph in the pharmacopoeia.
Few more doubts Dr. Saraswat.
I understand that the potency is diluting. Giving strokes uniformly spreads the single previous potency drop of medicine or pellet. [ giving strokes is called succession?]. Now if Hahnemann thought that giving 100 strokes was too strong and produced aggravation, what was the thought? Is it that potency increased or the medicinal power increased to great extent?[Much beyond the potency or strength of morbid forces that are called diseases]. Theoretically, I understand that, we should give a potency of remedy which has power a little more that of the morbid power. Now, has Hahnemann thought that many successions increase the curative power of medicine many times so that medical aggravation takes place?

Some times divided doses are given with a little more successions to the next dose, so that every dose is slightly in different [higher] potency than the previous dose.

Plussing method is clear. Add a little more water to the next devided dose and stirr. Dilution is increased by this a little more and so the potency is a little higher. But giving more successions for the same devided dose is a bit confusing. These are my doubts about theory. Of course the remedy might work in its own way and may not stop functioning. I request you to give your understanding on this matter. Thanks'
Dear Anad,
Your point is valid. To say that a medicine succussed 90 times is less active than that received 100 succession is hypothetical. Succession increases the potency slightly (Perhaps)and Hahnemann observed that by doing this we can repeat the medicine 'a number of times daily, even in advance pathological cases without so called aggravation and can cut short the period of cure in chronic and acute diseases because the medicine will keep on working without anti doting the previous dose or remaining ineffective due to of the same potency .
some times( very occational),when we greatly need medicine to prepare & the bottle is empty. We put few drops of alcohol in the bottle , shake slightly & give to pt. in globules & it works...
Hi Dr. Prabhat, I heard this from my uncle but did not believe it!! There was a blog post Glass memory, myth or reality by Dr. Sarfaraj Ahmed. His question was how to remove the remaining remedy from the bottle to reuse the bottle.
Homeo remedies are so long lasting !! Thanks
Thanks Dr. Sajjad,
If this procedure of repeating the same potency slightly altering by say some 5 successions is effective, nothing like it. I always hesitate to give a second dose, suspecting some untoward reaction. Of course I was not knowing so much about the repeated doses expect that they are dangerous if same potency is repeated. Any way let us wait for some more opinions. The clouds of uncertainty should be totally cleared.
I am learning so much with this interaction. Thanks to HWC.
The succussion is not meant for thorough distribution of the remedy. This is a materialistic concept. After, say 6x, there is unlikely to be any material molecules of the remedy to be found in any given amount of the remedy. (Avogadro's number, a concept I struggled with a great deal in chemistry and now turns out to have a practical application after all!) Homeopathic potencies work by intensifying the energy of the remedy, not by intensifying the material properties of it.

If dilution alone were sufficient for making homeopathic potencies, we would not succuss at all. It is the combination of the two that produces the action of the remedies as we employ them. At the risk of over-simplifying, dilution contributes to the gentleness of the remedy while succussion contributes to the intensity of its action. Thus LM potencies are very mild, but have a very deep action, because they are both more dilute than X or C potencies, and are given more succussions at each stage (X and C potencies, as has been previously stated, are typically given around 10 strokes; LMs are still given 100.)

Because we do not have the understanding of physics which will permit a thorough clarification of this subject, it is difficult to grasp. One has to develop a kind of feel for it, which helps decide which potency (X, C, or LM) will work most favorably with a certain patient.

Very interesting subject and many thanks to all who posted.
Respected k s ananda sir & Dr. Bruce Arnold
"Homeopathy Works Because Crude Remedies Are Potentised" means lots of technical discussion as well as discussion on personal experiences.
I personaally know few Homoeopaths who , from the last 20-30 yrs doing practice without perchasing any medicine from any pharmacy. There practice is totally depend on perchasing good amount of Alcohol only.
Now think ,How they are maintaining the qualities of medicines or how they can say that they have particulor potency in a particular phile because when a medicine is going to finish ,they just add few amount of alcohol ,add few successions & start giving to Pt. & always getting good results. Just think that 30 potency purchased 10yrs. ago is may be 70 or 80 potency... They are doing very good practice & always select a similimum.
Now , because you are an experienced technical person with a qualities of keen observer , we expect some more views on this sir...


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