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Dear HWC Member
If for some reason you need to leave the network

Perhaps you accidentally applied for two profiles. 
You must remove one of them. 

There is one way for you to deactivate your membership.

At this time their is no way for the webmaster to do this for you.
The only alternative process is to BAN from network.
Not a pretty word.

Follow the instructions below. 

blessings to all,


Go to Any Page and click SETTINGS in the Right Column


This is your profile settings page. SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN.




Don't click it by accident please. 


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Dear Debby,

There is no need to leave the network. I hereby request all to please support HWC as we have nothing to lose but gain. It would be a big mistake as there is a lot more to share.

I hope that all will understand my true feelings.

With best wishes,

Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma
Dear Sharma ~ what a wonderful thought. I understand there may be some who wish to leave due to personal reasons or other obligations. This tutorial post is for those who need to learn to process of leaving the network. The need for this information is because my only alternative is to Ban a person to remove their page. This is the disfunction of the system here. I absolutely do not encourage anyone to leave.

My hope and goal is for more people to join in the effort, find their niche here, learn and do whatever they can in the name of "homeopathy".

much thanks and regards


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