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Homeopathic medicines should be dispensed in dilutions or in pills.
Diabetic patients if taking homeopathic pills ---increases their blood Sugar Level...........

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A single globule of Number 10 does not increase blood/sugar. Children like pills. Dispensing in form of dilution is better.
I asked a pathologist about the HbA1C test. He said it is a measure of glucose attached to blood which indicates the management of diabetes by the patient. I asked how the alternates of sugar now in market are differing from normal sugar. He said they are made of lactose or fructose which are less active in case of diabetes. Now the diabetic pills are made out of milk sugar. Saclac. I think it does not matter if pills are used for diabetic management. Of course the minimal dose principle of Hahnemann also helps to minimise the amount of even that saclac going into blood stream. The 50millismal potency pills may of great use because of their tiny size, if doubts persist.
but patient comes and says DR PL GIVE ME med in dilution as it act fast
Then please do not refuse the patient.
Hi Dr. Neena, Of course patients ask for medicine which acts fast. But if you refer to aphorism 284 and 285, where it is implied that you select a remedy of a dilution ( tincture ) of say Z potency and you give a drop of the potency in some water (the patient swallows and will be happy) you will be slightly increasing the power as well as potency. If the same drop is used to moisten 100 globules of tiny sugar pills and place a single pill on the tongue of the patient, the effect is much more. But acting fast is a different aspect I think. I generally recommend to dissolve the dose (2 or 3) pills in a small spoonful of water and drop the solution on the tongue and keep it there. I feel this will absorb the medicine into the system much faster than by swallowing it. One more thing. By giving dilutions to patient in bottles, we may not be able to control the dose taken by them. But giving pills is a different control altogether. Thanks.


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