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Mary AspinwallGreat news for Homeopathy. Mary Aspinwall has been invited to be interviewed live at Thursday May 6th at 9pm ET by Natural News. Mike Adams has an incredible following of  225,000 verified subscribers and thousands more who regularly visit his website to read his controversial and cutting-edge articles.

Guest:             Mary Aspinwall, Registered Homeopath
Dail-In #:        760-569-7676 
Access Code:    815676#

Register for the radio show Right Now! 

See instructions below. The more subscribers and listeners who join this show will send a positive message to Mike Adams, the founder of Natural News, to feature Homeopathy again in the future both on the radio and on the Natural News website.

Our very good friend and expert homeopath, Mary Aspinwall, will be speaking with Jonathan Landsman from Natural News. Mary will talk about building an all-natural medicine cabinet for those unexpected injuries an illnesses. When we show an interest, this action supports our entire network and shows others we want more of this type of programming.  Your actions today will encourage Natural News to highlight more articles about homeopathy and schedule more featured radio shows about our healing art. 

After you register to listen to the show, you will receive a notification in your email box how to dial in to listen. 

Thanks everyone,

Debby Bruck and Liz Brandegee

Register for the radio show Right Now! 

Don't Forget: Vera Resnick & Debby Bruck on BlogTalkRadio complete first week on-air

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Dear friend,
I like to listen the talk but in Inda particularly metro cities have no radio, only TV
Homeopathy is a natural science. Nature follow the homeopathic principles. Its theory is for advance then the present science. The potency is the art to convert matter in to energy for which scientist are spending millions of rupees. No laboratry in the world is able to find matter in the homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicine are only energy after certain potency. It works but how is the big question.
Dear Dr Kursija -

You may simply support this radio show which can be listened to on your computer by downloading the iTunes podcast or listening online. Every person who clicks the REGISTER Button supports this effort. Every person who tells a friend supports this effort.

The idea is that the word "homeopathy" will be heard by more people around the world. Thousands and thousands are looking to NaturalNews as their trusted source of information for how to live a clean life.

Anyone who helps a friend have their voice heard helps the entire homeopathic community. This is a way to educate the public. Think of the good you will be doing. It is better to give than to receive. In actuality, when you give with an open heart, you will find more in the return than you could ever imagine.

Blessings to all


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