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Another Healing Art-REFLEXOLOGY-no need of medicines only pressure manipulation of trigger points on hands/feet/ears/face Somewhat like Accupressure

see chart interactive

Free interactive reflexology maps & widget

Discover how areas of the feet and hands are approximate to the body's anatomy with our interactive reflexology maps and widget.



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For details you have to buy the book.
For Details you have to study REFLEXOLOGY by doing clinical work not just reading a book
The pictures used in foot reflexology is not similar in various books, many pictures indicate different locations for each organ!

That is why it is not popular.It is inferior to Homeopathy.


The accupressure technique has its own advantages.  Basically no medicine is given. A close friend of mine (A retired scientist from LRDE, a defence establishment of Government of India) with two more like minded people practice this therapy free of cost in my native place in Andhra Pradesh.  Patients come from far off places for treatment.

An interesting case treated by him.  A military person belonging to my native place was discharged from army when he was injured in the back during war drills. He was referred to command hospital in Bangalore and was said that he can not recover from the injury.  So he was discharged from service.  My friend and his colleagues treated several pressure points on his body one day and asked his care takers to bring him back after one week.  Three days later the patient himself came riding on a motor cycle!! He was bed ridden before treatment and was not able to walk without support. May be he was not invalid as the doctors at Bangalore military hospital thought. But one sitting of acupressure totally relieved him.  I want to video interview this person if possible.

Yes. There are differences in locations of pressure points in different books.  This leads to confusion but we can as well press a few pressure points more to be sure.


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