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Female 50 years old living in nothern part of Armenia in a village with long history of suffering from a bad right-side ishialgia (sciatic nerve inflammation or sciatica). The case has been reported to me by her relative- a nurse from the medical center, who came to my house for advice, I did not see a patient. The nurse told that she  used injections of "Olfen"( an allopatic medication, non-steroid antiinflammatory agent with local anaesthetic in there) aiming to soothe the pain, suffering reduced temporary and relapsed again with even great force. The patient lost ability to sleep, she can not control the pain which is started to rise like an avalanche.The doctors of medical center where she applied first made a prescription of 7 remedies yet the nurse was suspisious about that there is no alleviation should be expected as far as due to her experience the same prescriptions had been made for all patients with same deragements and there is not so much progress eventually was registered (she was a nurse and she was a witness due to her daily practice in the medical center) 


I asked her to phone to the patient and patient together with all details of sciatica provided the follow very interesting information:

1. There is a Mom of the patient (80 years old) who suffer from mental deragements and memory loss and prone to leave the house at night strolling around the village. The patient who is devoted and dedicated person (as nurse said) elaborated kind of NIGHT DUTY for herself to look for her Mom

2. Little bit later after such kind of nights following each other she started to suffer from DIZZINESS/VERTIGO and NAUSEA


I decided to finish anamnesis taking procedure as far as it was already pretty understandable the central idea of a deragement should be targeting first when to my surprise she volunteered one more interesting symptom:

1. pain aggravated significantly while MOVING DOWN STAIRS or if a small stone appeared during a walking under a foot of injured extremity


Analysis: Bad effects from looking for the patients at nights with vertigo and nausea- of course, I gave her Cocculus C 30 dissolved in water (with repetition of the doses untill first hints of vanishing of the symptoms) and next day she was absolutely free from suffering torturing her during last months. Till (1 month passed) now there is no pain except some tenderness of knee region during rain falls.

I gave BORON to the nurse as subsequent possible remedy for the patient keeping in the mind the last symptom (moving downword) yet due patient belonging to Natrums (devoted, taciturn, with great deal of patience, impossible to show an emotions to society etc.)  

Note that all other symptoms very typical for sciatica were absolutely ignored by me. I was surprised too, frankly speaking))))) Homeopathy is something miraculous, o yea......

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Nice one
Hope the complaint of sciatica doesn't appear again.

Good remedy. That Cocc ind. especially when "night watching" is involved. Good observation of background of patient. The remedy is good to all student community who study till early hours of morning and have some problems due to lack of sleep,like general fatigue, vertigo etc. I cured a case of vertigo raising from bed in morning with one dose of cocc 30 C.
Thank you for your comments Sir, appreciate your attention so far. It is interesting what do you think about follow-up medication of the patient with Boron? There is a kind of relapse of the condition, yet Cocculus did not bring an expected alleviation being administered second time 5 months later...
The present mental status has to be ascertained. Is the patient a nurse, whom you are treating? Sorry I did not follow the case closely. However if she has the same night watching duties I suggest 3 doses of cocc ind 30C at 15 minutes interval. (Better still if each dose of say 3 pills are dissolved in a spoon of water and put on the tongue and not swallow.)


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