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Hello dear homeopaths,
I know everybody reacts individual at the remedies, but is there some kind of aproximate rule how long can most of C30 remedies work, aswell other potencies. I´ve heard at some lectures C30 it can work 4 to 5 weeks and some years ago my homeopath told me C200 can work up to half a year. Some remedies starts to work after some days of taking them, some immediately. Are there some remedies wich have special characteristic to work longer or shorter...and we should put special attention on it and be patient to wait until they start to work?

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Regards a "set-rule" such luck. Each patient is different.
I have had people take "ONE dose" of a remedy in low potency and its worked for one year without repetition. No need to redose,no need to make potency higher.
You watch and wait for each patient.
With acutes,intervals of duration are most often short term but this is NOT ALWAYS the case.
The more "intense" these Acute symptoms are also indicate what dose/potency/repetition.You tend to see results much quicker with such Intense acute symptoms.
Long term chronic complex miasmatic cases need carefull monotoring aswell. A test dose of Verry low potency taken once should be tried. Aggr may be seen within that first dose.A Slow/steady progression is always safe.
The second a "well indicated" remedy is near the patients vital force is the second it starts to work.The big question is:............Are you 100% positive its truly the well indicated remedy/potency/dose?
Second guessing helps no one. Thats why "Try this try that" prescribing is not valid.
Dear Tihana

Homeopathic remedies only work for a few seconds after their administration,in any potency . The remaining long and short of recovery is dependent on how the body is responding to these. At which level this response of the body would take place and how intense would it be, is determined by the potency. How long this beneficial effect remain is dependent on the body's general state.
Dear Tihana
Hi , There is no such rule by which we can say that this medicine acts for half a year or that for months , action of some medicines is different on different individuals in few if it acts for few days while in other it keep on showing good results for many months together , It all depends how we individualise the case on the basis of miasmatic selection & most important the vitality of the case.If correct selection is being made , and similimum is given than we can get instant results , many of the patients show instant reults with in minutes of prescribing the correct similimum .
Dr. Vikas Verma
Dear Tihana,
Most important thing is " a properly selected remedy". Such remedy will start acting fast. How long the remedy acts? is a question whether the ailment is chronic or acute. We should worry about chronic cases only since, the acute cases will not come back after recovery. General rule is as per organon. As long as the medicine is improving the condition, hands off. The patient should be probed to ascertain if he sees improvement and still getting better. In such cases no more medicine.
I had a case of head ache of 40 years standing and two doses of Bryonia 30C cured it and since two years no complaints. The patient says she has the feeling of head ache during her monthly cycle but it is at an ignorable level. Prior to Bryonia she used to get the head ache twice a week and each time lasting for two days at a stretch ( since her childhood). Now she does not complain or she takes medicine. She asked me if she need to take the medicine, I told her if you feel your head ache is not manageable without medicine then you can take but otherwise she need not take. Now is Bryonia C30 is still acting?. So I feel that the patient is the best person to indicate it.


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