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See link at (nov 2008 EZINE on line issue)
Homeopathy 4 Everyone - November 2008Homeopathy 4 Everyone - The Hpathy Ezine ... November, 2008 32500+ Copies ...
See link for An Entire issue dedicated to vaccine dangers and how homeopaths view this subject.
Cases presented
(one of my cases aswell)
Interviews I did with 2 wonderfull homeopaths
Isaac Golden and Richard Moskowitz
PHD/homeopath Amy Lansky (Book "impossible cure")an article about how she used homeopathy for Autism on her son ...............................and more.
Articles from the Homeopathic Perspective

Rudi Verspoor - Immunization in Hahnemann's System of Medicine

Homeopathy Not Vaccines - C. J. Varghese

Book Review on homeoprophylaxis

Interview with Dr. Isaac Golden

Why You Should Not Vaccinate – Pat Mckay

Barbara M. Flumist

Walter S. Hadwen M.D. Sanitation vs Vaccination -The Origin of Smallpox

Dr. Johann Loibner -Vaccination and Homeopathy

Post here any imput regards vaccine dangers and the use of homeopathy,add your thoughts...............................

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