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Dear Doctors,
I am having confusion in this regard, "What actually CURE means and when we can say a patient is cured? Suppose a patient is suffering from dyspnoea and he was treated and the complaints does not return for two years or so, can we say that he was cured? If so, what do we say if the complaints recurs after 2 years?
Please share your ideas
regards, senthil

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Very good question dr. Homoeopathic medicine act as both curative and preventive measure so only removal of the objective symptoms is not a sign of cure. for a gentle cure it should be removed according to Hering's law of cure, from mental to physical, from most important organ to less important organ, means in the reverse order of the appearance of symptoms. medicine selected basically on the miasmatic symptoms and selected for the symptoms that directly belong to the patients himself not for his or her organ can cure the patient.
Should we expect Hering's law in every case? Is it possible? Is it happens in all cases? Thank you sir for your reply.
Well, There are no rules I suppose. Only individual understanding. For me, relief of symptoms for about 2 months is cure. But this should be endorsed by the patient. If the patient says thank you doctor when you meet him two months later, you should be happy of a cure. It is the feeling of well being of patient that counts. Good Question Dr. Senthil . Hope to get many opinions. Combined, we may expect some condition to emerge as a cure ? Thanks.
Thank you, sir, definitely we are expecting more opinions here.
Cure means complete change of a state of disorder to that of order and not mere removal of certain troublesome symptoms of a case of disease. This may not be serious affair in case of ordinary acute disease.But cure in case of chronic disease carry much significance.

The term cure signifies, the" total and permanent removal of the totality of symptoms.This totality of symptoms not only include the present and past symptoms, but also the inherited abnormal tendencies and traits.

Also the removal of the totality of symptoms must be according to "easily comprehensible principle" And that is law of nature. So a true art of cure must be based on a true principle.The Homoeopathic law " Similia similibus curenter, can claim cure, as it is based upon true principle..
Really cure is complete when abnormal tendencies and traits are balanced i.e. the tendency of recurrence should also be removed, but how to decide that recurrence is also removed? Again, thanks for pointing out ur view sir, regards
Dr. Shinde madam
I can consider about chronic diseases, but do you mean that after homoeopathic treatment acute and mental diseases never fall back or recure.
thanks dr , but what about recurrence dr? when he is free its ok but when c/o relapses after a gap , it indicates that tendencies is not cured !!
Cure is merely a absence of disease, restoring the actual state of health of the patient.
free from any discomfort, pain, a dynamic state where the devine vital force has a control over the economy.(harmony of mind, body and soul)
I had a case of a man who is having reccurent dreams of python who is encircle him to his chest and tighting him. The tightning was so painful that he is not able to take breath . When I was going through his mental condition where his father was forcing him to do things according to his wish, he was saying this is very similar to python tightning to me in my dreams.
Finally, I gave him the medicine on symptoms similarity . He got a complete CURE (that means review a case in follow up where he had no dreams of any python, with normal sleep and no any types of asthmatic attack since last 3 yrs)

Here in this case what I had exactly did. I cure him BOTH mental and physically.
The domination of his father became a burden for him so on a subconscious level there was expression of a python tightening. So, after the medicine I had not changed his father but changed how he realizes his self and reacts to the situation. From all this I am ASTONISHED AND BELIEVED WHAT IS CURE.
realy intersting case dr yeah u have not changed the situation but persons reaction to the same situation was changed..good
I wonder what rubrics were selected to change the reaction.
I will be thankful if the case rubrics are given Dr.Bhapkar.


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