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Why Is The Homeopathic Medicine Prepared In A Solvent Like Alcohol?

Dear all, If i am wrong somewhere in my understanding then please forgive me and correct me because i am here for learning. That's why I am sharing my views, I wish to know why homeopathic medicines are prepared in organic solvents like alcohol. Am I right? 

May I know the detail of its composition like is it methanol, ethanol and what is the percentage used during the preparation of medicines?

Sometimes I feel that solubility of the crude medicine can be one of the factor but it should not be true for all the medicines.  For example, Natrum Muriaticum is prepared from common salt and can be easily soluble in water in any concentration. So, why is the medicine available in the market using alcohol as solvent rather than water?

This question always comes into my mind because in the human body, if I talk about the cell then the cell's environment is aqueous, which means water and organic solvents are not present.

Even though the medicine contains very minute quantity of alcohol and it is not going to have any ill effect, but can't we prepare the medicine in water?

I also wish to know which solvent is used that when making dilutions, is it the same, alcohol or water?

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Hi Sakira
You asked:"can't we prepare the medicine in water?............................."

My reply:
Yes we can.
"All"- my remedies are prescribed in a wet dose/One globule#10 poppyseed
disolved in water then succussed.

I rarely use Alcohol liquid based remedies.
Most often the original "Mother tinctures" are alcohol based.
Dear Sakira, you enquired about as to why Homeopathic medicines are prepared in Alcohol. Well what Gina Tyler has said is right but for the reason that alcohol is used is to preserve the medicinal power for a long period of time during storage, which is not possible with Water. The medicines can also be prepared in Lactose Sugar(Milk sugar) even for higher potencies but in that case the process is too cumbersome and practically not possible and also it will be much costlier than using Alcohol. Thank You
Hi Aejaz
Preserve remedies?
Did you know that Hahnemann's original remedies (dry globules #10) are all still active today?
I have homeopathic remedies over 30yrs old (dry globules-pills-) still active today.
Dry pills/globules are preserved just fine without alcohol.
Hi Gina, What i said was about the preparation of Dilutions in Alcohol. I well know and i too have medicated globules. What i refered to point was preparation of remedies in dilutions from Q(Mother Tincture)where Alcohol is the prefered Mode of Vehicle because of the above reason.
Is this discussion still open?
What I understand is alcohol used is just a carrier of the potentised medicine. Water can also carry but it degrades on storing for a long time. Alcohol stays for many years if not allowed to evaporate by tightly closing the container. It does not degrade. A vial of saclac pills ( say 5 gram pills) will absorb a few drops of this potentised remedy . Each globule catches the remedy and holds it. Now the globules are put on paper to dry so the alcohol evaporates and the globules are dry but with the remedy attached to them. In this condition, if not contaminated [unduly exposed to atmosphere or handled with hand etc.,] stay active for a long time..Many years. Now the question is why the medicine is stored with alcohol ? It is storage space in consideration. Potencies are available in alcoholic carriers. We can use them [say a 100ml bottle can wet many doses say a few hundred grams of saclac globules] when ever we need instead of storing voluminous globules, identified with remedies and potencies. These dry pills can be made to release medicine in water by adding water to a pill, shaking well to distribute the medicine into the water and administer the dose. This is my understanding.
Your understanding is correct,
Dear Aejaz & k s anand sir,
Your answer is correct .Maximum Dilutions are prepare in Alcohol & for dispensing ,we use different Vehicles ( globules,sugar of milk,spring water,dist.water, etc,).
Alcohol acts as a best Vehicle / Preserver of homoeopathic drugs because of inert properties ,does not allow to rebonding the substances...
Thanks Dr. Prabhat,
Sir, Do you have information about the following.
Do they stock all single titurations say from 30 to 200 ? or do they titurate to the required potency in modern machinery? How do they do it industrially?
I was wondering about this aspect of pharmacy.
Respected k s anand sir,
Pharmacy is a very interesting subject, the BASIC of experiments/provings & people ignore it , grade it a simple subject...
Q1-Do they stock all single titurations say from 30 to 200 ?
-Yes , so many drugs are available in 1X to 500X triturations(in decimal scales means -1part of substance/previous potency :10 part of vehicle).These are prepared in sugar of milk & always in DRY-Tablet form.
Q2- Do they titurate to the required potency in modern machinery? How do they do it industrially ?
-Yes,so many use modern machinery. Schwabe use manual method to prepare dilutions( in centesimal scale, means- 1part of MT/previous potency :99 part of vehicle).These are prepare in Absolute Alcohol & in LIQUID form.
Mostly drugs are prepared in this method/scale ( 6,30,200,1M,10M.CM.MM)
Symbol of Trituration is ' X ' & symbol of dilutions is ' C ' which mostly does not use .
Also try to visit any Factory to see the manufacturing..
dear friends
working with homeopathy since 1984 I will tell you my experience: we can´t keep all the potencies from 30 to 200, but we keep some of them, let´s say 39, 49, 59, etc, if there are homeopaths asking for 40, 50, 60, etc. If not, I would keep at least the 59 (for a 60), 98, 99 (for a 100), and then a 149 and a 198, 199.
In my country we make the manual trituration in pharmacies and in our small industry (preparation of MT and potencies for pharmacies that prepare homeopathic remedies). Other industries may have a mechanical triturator.
Best wishes, Amarilys
"In my country we make the manual trituration in pharmacies and in our small industry (preparation of MT and potencies for pharmacies that prepare homeopathic remedies). Other industries may have a mechanical triturator.
" Best wishes, Amarilys
" These medicines looks to me reliable and dependable.I do not believe in mechanical triturator.They are merely mixers.

Mr. Anand Sir,
These all infomations are presented in a book of pharmacy written by Dr.D.D. Banerjee, B. Jain publisher. Chapter Vehicles.


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