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Please make your remarks on Topix for the FDA ZICAM issue.


Seems that there are folks who are more sensitive to whatever chemicals are in the manufactured Zicam. If it is the zinc, then perhaps they are sensitive to this element and a real homeopathic dose of zinc or another mineral would actually alleviate their symptoms of loss of smell and taste.

As a matter of fact, in the Murphy Repertory there is a listing for ZINC toxicity and ailments from with symptoms: agar, nux-v, zinc. These three remedies may have an affinity to the organ and the symptom reaction of zinc poisoning. They are two plants and one mineral.

That would conform to the basic principle of "likes heals likes" - the similimum.

Homeopaths do not give remedies or medications willy nilly. They listen to the person and come to a decision based upon the symptom pattern. It is both an art and science.

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