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On my present trip to Brazil, Dr Bonato of Maringa University showed me yesterday how he has confirmed many of the indications in my book by scientific tests.

He also has produced a brochure for Organic farmers on how to use the remedies and is as enthusiastic as they come.

He gave me 25 scientific reports about his tests and there are more to come.
This is very exciting, I can tell you.
Next week i will continue my discussions with him and his equally enthusiastic students. A great inspiration!

To Mark Moodie,
I shall send you all these reports, so that the development of the discipline is somewhat accelerated - as per your desire, and mine.

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I tried to send you info regarding the publishing of your new book, but am not sure if you received it. If y ou go to you can see how your book can be published in minimal lots (one at a time if necessary) so that you don't have to find a large amount of money to get it out there. They're printed as customers order them. Hope this is some help.

I'm keen to hear more about the reports and tests you speak of.

Kind regards
Sandy Gunder
Hi Sandy,

Yes i saw that link and looked it up.
However, Mark Moodie also likes to see the new version and he has the priority. I owe him something you see. He published the first version too.

As to seeing those reports, give me your email and i send you some.

Kind regards,
Andrade, Fernanda Maria Coutinho 1 ; Casali, Vicente Wagner Dias 1 ; Kasuaya, Maria Catarina Megumi 2 ; Cecon, Paulo Roberto 3
1 Department of Plant Science, Federal University of Viçosa, ViçosaMG, Brazil
2 Department of Microbiology, Federal University of Viçosa, ViçosaMG, Brazil
3 Department of Computer Science, Federal University of Viçosa, ViçosaMG, Brazil

The efficiency of soil microorganisms was evaluated through the indicator metabolic
quotient (qCO2). The experiment followed the agronomic protocol of randomized blocks, with 3 replicates, in split plots (days after treatment), 18 homeopathies plus a control. The homeopathies were: Sulphur D12 and D201; Magnesia carbonica D12, D30 and D201; Phosphorus D6, D12, D30 and D201; Calcarea carbonica D30 and D201; Kali carbonicum D6 and D30; Solum unum D9, D30 and D201; Silicea D201 and Carbo vegetabilis D30. The means of qCO2 (respiration rate of the soil per microbial carbon) were grouped by ScottKnott test at 5 % probability. The homeopathic remedies did influence the stability of the soil system. Microbial efficiency was mainly decreased by Magnesia carbonica and increased by Solum unum, so, indicating the potencial use of homeopathic remedies in managing soil dynamics.
They used all decomal potecies as indicated in my book. Dr Bonato cannot get decimals so he uses CH potencies.
Well done VDK! Most encouraging.
Hi Mark,

Yes, very encouraging! Thank you too!
Just sent you some other reports. Some are just summaries.
The confirmation reports we went through yesterday. He is away today on an assignment, so we see each other next week.
He will give those on Monday.
I have to go to Paraguay on Sunday to renew my visa, so i see him again next week.
I just pop in and out again in Paraguay - that is enough.
BTW, I have his permission to have that farmer's guide translated in English. It will be good for Mark Moodie's customers too, and his contacts elsewhere can use it as well, so i will send him a copy as soon as it is translated. Shall ask Dr Bonato for an electronic version because i only have a hard copy. It will get priority treatment. Shall post the translation here too.
That is just fantastic news delighted for you. Good luck with the rest of the trials. Excellent!!!

Thanx Martin,

I am absolutely enthused!
I already knew my own tests were valid, but they were under very different circumstances in a different climate in Australia. So the symptoms were different too, from anything that happens to plants elsewhere. Nonetheless, it seems that things i thought were very important have less bearing on the problems for plants than initially surmised. I must say though that he uses different potencies than I did, because he can only get the Centesimal range, whereas i worked with the Decimal series. On the other hand, Dr Casali in Vicosa - 1400 kms north from here - uses the decimal series as the above report shows. Shall post some more report-summaries here too.

Batirola da Silva, Mara Rosane 1 ; Batirola da Silva, Rosmer i Terezinha 1 ; Casali, Vicente
Wagner Dias 1
1 – Univer sity F. Vicosa/Plant Science Dept., VicosaMG,
Brazil, 36570000,
Homeopathic solutions may increase or decrease photosynthesis rate of Sphagneticola trilobata plants. Data variability of homeopathic experiments is a concern today andNincreasing results recording has been an expensive decision. CO2 assimilation of three replicates of cloned plants along 20 consecutive minutes was quantified through the Infra Red Gas Analyzer (IRGA) after application of Apis mellifica 6CH and distilled water (control).
Plants were cloned to avoid genetic variability effect. Repetibility analysis was performed through GENES program after variance analysis. Repetibility coefficient of CO2 results was 99% meaning that the differences between control and treated plants results were kept along 20 determinations. There was no need of 20 determinations to define photosynthesis pattern of treated plants because only six recordings would do it. Stability results of CO2 assimilation were greater in plants treated with Apis mellifica as compared to control.

Batirola da Silva, Rosmeri Ter ezinha 1 ; Casali, Vicente Wagner Dias 1 ; Lisboa, Suzana Patricia 1 ; Batirola da Silva, Mara Rosane 1 ; Cruz, Cosme Damião 2
1 – University F. of Vicosa/Plant Science Dept, VicosaMG, Brazil, 36570000,
2 University F. of Vicosa/Biology Dept, VicosaMG,Brazil, 36570000,
The application of homeopathic solutions in plants do influence secondary metabolism and primary metabolism as the photosynthesis. Data repetibility has called the attention of researchers doing experimentation on Homeopathy. CO2 assimilation was determined in cloned plants by Infrared Gas Analyzer (IRGA). Plants were cloned to avoid genetic variability effects. Determinations were done each 30 seconds along 10 consecutive minutes after treatment with Cantharis 3CH, 5CH, 7CH, 9CH and with distilled water (control). A factorial experiment under a completely randomized design and four replicates was conducted. Data were analyzed through: variance, stability (Plaisted and Peterson method), repetibility (Main components, covariance and correlation methods) by GENES program. The treatment effect was statistically significant. Data oscillation was greater in all treatments except Cantharis 7CH and control. Data repetibility coefficient was 95% meaning that results pattern was kept along 20 determinations. Data repetibility and stability did prove the experimental precision and maintenance of effects after application of Cantharis
Giuliani Grazyella MarquesSilva e Carlos Moacir Bonato 1
1 Departamento de Biologia, Univer sidade estadual de Maringá, Brazil
Therapeutic method created by Hahnemann, the homeopathy has been used with success also in animals and plants. Several studies demonstrated the lot of applications of homeopathy in agriculture. One of these applications refers to the increase and inhibition of the seeds germination. This work had for objective the study the homoeopathic solutions effects of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) and Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L) in germination and development of cordadeviola seedlings (Ipomoea sp). It was used homoeopathic solutions of these plants in the 3CH, 6CH, 9CH, 12CH, 24CH and 30CH dinamizations. They took place 5 repetitions with 20 seeds each. The fresh mass production of cordadeviola seedlings suffered inhibition in 6CH dinamization of Wormwood and increase in 9CH, 12CH, 24CH and 30CH dinamizations of Rosemary. The values of dry mass were increased in 3CH dinamization of Wormwood. The dinamizations 12, 24 and 30CH of Rosemary increased the number of seeds germinated.


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