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In order to understand what is cure in Homoeopathy, we must understand,the meaning of Recovery and Palliation. It is Homoeopathy alone that makes a sharp, logical and scientific distinction among these terms.

RECOVERY: We all know that a living organism has an inherent tendency to revert to normal balanced equilibrium, in more or less time, after being disturbed by any force. This tendency is manifested in both acute as well as chronic diseases. More in case of acute diseases. Even in chronic diseases,the troublesome manifestations do not remain constant and the same perpetually. There are periods of recrudescence alternating with long or short spells. And this phenomenon of recovery occurs irrespective of any sort of treatment, if not too violently heterogeneous. The Physician may make his claims, yet the patient recovers of his own,even if the Rx was not accurate.

PALLIATION: All of us are very clear on this terminology, which means removal or temporary suspension of any of the manifestations or even the end product of the disease process. This is far from cure, or even natural recovery.

CURE: This term signifies, total and permanent removal of the totality of symptoms. This totality of symptoms, not only includes the present and past symptoms, but also inherited abnormal tendencies and traits. This removal of totality of the system, must be according to an easily comprehensible principle," A LAW OF NATURE". A law, a rule or a theory created by man, if doesn't tally with the law of nature, then it will be difficult to comprehend. So a true art of cure must depend upon a true principle. And such a principle is the sole basis of Homoeopathic therapeutics (Like cure Like).

All these three terms are of utmost significance, in the practice of Homeopathy.


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Comment by kuram srinivasachar anand on September 27, 2010 at 12:01pm
Well explained Dr. Sushil. We are ( of course in-experienced students like me) worry about cure when we could only palliate. The problem returns may be only with lesser intensity, not much bothering the patient, and we tend to prescribe a next higher potency of what we considered similimum in the first place and wait. Some say ( old people who had a stint in homeo practice) that along with similimumyou must also prescribe a constitutional remedy as an intercurrent remedy. Here we get boxed. We consider a single remedy as a principle and what is this constitutional remedy?. Generally I see some homeopaths prescribing some tissue remedies along with the potentised homeo remedies. We the beginners need some tutorial on this. Thanks.


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