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The Government is ready !! ARe you ???

Dear Doctor ,

I am a young homeopathic practitioner from chennai, South india. The Indian government has planned to Improve the system of Homeopathy . Ayush has decided to Stream line the system of homeopathy in par with the allopathic system of medicine. For this, a meeting is going to be held on the 23rd of October wherein representatives from various systems of medicine, politicians, health secreatry etc will be participating . For Homeopathy Dr.Joice Thilagam ( My Mother) is chosen to put forward ideas, suggestions, to the govenment. Hence it is a great oppurtunity for us to share our ideas. I humbly request all doctors to share your ideas , suggestions, articles, photos etc on the following topic-
Streamlining the system of homeopathy in relation with -
1. how to improve the system ?
2. How to modernize the system of homeopathy?
3. What More training Homeopaths require?
4. Pharmacy development?
5. Can Homeopaths work in par with allopaths How?
6. What more do you want the Govt. to do in support of homeopathy?
7. When/how is homeopathy superior to other system?

Kindly mail us your suggestions to
The name of the doctors and there suggestions will be higlighted during the conference on 23rd of october.

Thank you
Dare to be wise

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Comment by Dr. Nishant on October 7, 2009 at 4:59am
I would be happy if some of the doctors can share some of the case photos and reports in support of homeopathy - cases which will make the viewers believe in homeopathy. We are going to display these photos with the names of the conserned doctors who treated so that the Ministers and doctors who come will start believing in this system of medicine.
we need photos or lab reports in the field of
Kindly mail these photos and reports to
Comment by Dr. Nishant on October 7, 2009 at 1:49pm


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