Banerji Protocol Interview

Debby Bruck 2

Dear Friends and Family,

The world needs to learn about the progress in a homeopathy protocol that the Banerji family has developed over decades of observation and study. With a foundation in Classical Homeopathy, the senior father and son team have examined, studied, tested and recorded data covering thousands of patients’ recovery from illness and disease.

With persistence, dedication and desire for humanitarian compassion, Dr Prasanta and Dr Pratip Banerji built a clinic in Kolkata, India to streamline healing using a set selection of remedies targeting particular diseases. Classical individualized symptom specific collection helps with palliation of immediate distress and when the ‘common’ remedies appear ineffective.

However, based on the presentation of data-sets, we see that long-term usage of remedies can actually change the pathology and tissue cultures as see through diagnostic tools. 

A new book will be forthcoming. I was truly honored to have been able to attend this full-day seminar and recommend others to visit at any future events. Their goal to teach and disseminate this information about the healing properties of homeopathic remedies using the Banerji Protocol has driven them to partner with many medical and research institutions around the world.

They show their compassion and desire to support life by giving freely of their knowledge.

Blessings and G-d Speed to the Banerji’s, third and fourth generation homeopaths.


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