In the same way as antibiotics have left their mark on the environment and society, how will history look back on vaccine?

We have entered the Vaccine Era at the end of the antibiotic era. Is it safe and effective? In the same way that antibiotics left their mark on the environment and society, how will history look back on vaccines?

Humans are complicated creatures, with so many hormones, proteins, chemicals, nerves and components that interact in ways yet unknown. So, lets tinker with this one or that one here and there. I’m sure we can come up with a human who works better than the one that evolved over millennia or that God created depending upon your point of view.

How is it that a “little known hormone” suddenly appears on the scene, called ghrelin? My automatic spell checker wants to change it to gherkin, as in the pickle we will find ourselves in, or what I’m tending to think of as gremlin, as in stranger than human.

Ghrelin, which originates in the stomach , declines soon after meals. ‘Ghrelin levels in the blood are high before we eat our food. When you eat a meal, the levels of ghrelin come down and then rise again before lunchtime. If you give ghrelin to an individual, they will eat more. Therefore, ghrelin signals the need for nutrition, and relates to appetite and appetite suppression. When we feel satiated and satisfied the levels of ghrelin naturally go down. 

Human hormones work in mystical ways, including affecting our moods, dreams, emotions and fears. They are there for a reason. Doesn’t it make sense to investigate how they protect us from harm, or how we can deal with these changeable moods and fears in a way that requires personal interaction, communication, understanding and touch?

Doesn’t it make sense for us to make sense out of all this? Do you think that an injection, a pill, a mind blowing drug with encapsulate the problem and secure it away never to see the light of day? All these repression techniques belie the trust we must have in our own body’s ability to heal and recover from trauma naturally.

Perhaps what this tells us concerns the amount of trauma and the reasons for reducing these types of trauma. I’m referring to hatred and war. I’m telling you that trauma from killing, maiming, abusing, raping and hurting other human beings protects us in a fashion. It tells us that its NOT OKAY to behave in the manner.

Now, if we give you a shot to take away your PTSD, what in heaven will protect your psyche and soul from wanting to go out and kill other human beings? Are we on the road to create zombies, soldiers who have no moral compass and no reason to feel or touch another human being in a compassionate manner? If we lose our connection and network of nerves can we even call ourselves human anymore?

By tinkering with the plants we eat, we have already seen the disastrous results of deformed animals, proliferation of tumors, resistant insects and plants and a denatured soil due to monoculture and GMO breeding.

In addition, we may lose the lessons we learn through patience and time. Each life has a mission and a reason to be on the planet. By reducing each person’s potential to earn and learn from challenges in life, we reduce their ability to fulfill their mission. I don’t mean to say that people should suffer with PTSD. I mean to say, those who suffer will fight for healing in others and for peace on earth.

Maybe the answer comes in the form of training health care providers in biofeedback, meditation, stress reduction techniques, homeopathy, sleep therapy and many other forms of natural medicine. How about relationship training for family members to reduce the number of rapes and criminal acts that occur daily?

Another lesson we learn from the investigation of this ‘little known hormone’ ghrelin concerns the vital connection between the guts and the brain. What we eat and how we think. If we start fiddling around with the gut hormones, what’s going to happen to our ability to absorb necessary nutrients? Will we see all kinds of auto-immune disease as a result of these vaccines? Will we see some change in brain chemistry and ‘unexpected’ thinking or non-thinking patterns? Can we predict the future when we play with our hormones? I wonder…

copyright DebbyBruck 2013

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