Welcome to HWC e-Learning for Public

With the presentation of educational programs via electronic media, HWC is making educational courses accessible whenever and wherever you are.

Our format, provides cost efficient access to approved and accredited educational programs. These learning modules and courses allow you to be enrolled from anywhere in the world from the comforts of your own home, and are made to fit into your everyday life and schedule.

This format provides a great chance for you to learn and gain insights on topics you are interested in. E-learning brings the course, the tutors and participants into your own home, with easy access and will provide you with first hand information for your own health and well-being and advocacy.

Courses delivered via HWC e-learning are aimed at informing on homeopathy, or on diverse topics about health & wellness. Members of the general public are invited to take introductory and beginner courses.

Advanced courses for the public, for people that have preliminary knowledge of homeopathy or a particular topic, or that have completed our beginner courses, will be added in the future.

The HWC courses are aimed at informing on the presented topic in general, or are aimed at teaching the principles and methods of homeopathy or another course topic. Respective courses are delivered in order for the participant to be able to safely self-prescribed upon completion of that particular course.

The courses presented for the general public are aimed at informing and, where applicable, at equipping the participant to be able to safely self-prescribe upon course completion.

However, at no time does the information delivered in courses presented via the HWC E-learning platform replace the consultation with a health care professional!

The information taught and shared must never be interpreted as a means of diagnosis or treatment for a severe disease or condition. A qualified diagnosis and treatment should be sought from a licensed medical professional.

Participant of the general public will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of a course.

For accredited educational courses, participants will receive the certification of the accrediting institution upon successful completion of the course and passing of the course examination.

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