E-learning guidelines of HWC

HWC will:

  • provide the presentation platform for the e-learning courses,
  • advertise the courses via its common advertising channels and via selected partner sites,
  • promote the courses to its members and its 25 000 + followers on Facebook and Instagram,
  • apply & provide for CPD / ACHENA qualification (where applicable),
  • validate the quality of courses as HWC approved (peer-review of curriculum & content),
  • provide certification for participants and tutors
    NOT disburse presenters/tutors.

The presenter/tutor will benefit:

  • by being able to present and deliver their program via the HWC platform,
  • by being HWC supported and validated,
  • by being introduced to a broad audience,
  • by being eligible for CPD/ACHENA/HWC certification,
  • by being put in touch with a potentially new client base, and/or professional practitioners from the world wide community.

Participants must:

  • attend the course sessions in order to receive the HWC certificate of completion,
  • must pass the course exam with the minimum pass grade (40%) to receive their certificate (where applicable).

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