Debby Bruck


Debby Bruck was our beloved founder, leader and the greatest mother to her three children and grandchildren. She was an amazing artist, musician and creator and lived her spirit.

Debby had a heart of gold and a vision to connect the world and its healing. Debby was generous with her time, working tirelessly to build a community of homeopaths and healers disseminating information that would spread the brilliance of homeopathy as a valued member of the entire medical system. Debby simply wanted to help people feel good, learn more, make better choices with their health and well-being while understanding their rights and their own power to heal.

Debby was a magnificent friend to everyone and a profound learner. Her mission was to serve homeopathy in any way she could creating a community that linked the world. In keeping with that universal love and spirit HWC will continue her legacy by being a beacon of strength, education, kindness, and love.

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