What is HWC?

HWC an acronym stands for Homeopathy World Community. HWC is a web-based community for homeopaths, complementary practitioners, homeopathically practicing doctors and Homeopathy supporters.

It is also a resource of information for patients and members of the public interested in the homeopathic medical treatment approach.

What is the vision of HWC?

HWC envisions homeopaths and homeopathic organizations working together globally, in order to grow the status of homeopathy in the worldwide medical community. HWC will accomplish this by offering an innovative web site that will integrate the education and wisdom of homeopathic care for all people.

HWC strives to be an aggregate of homeopathic resources, news, training, and a directory, and network for the homeopathic community.

What is the purpose of HWC?

To promote education and awareness of homeopathy throughout the world and to provide access to quality information pertaining to homeopathy, the practice of homeopathy, research and current information building homeopathic practice and its provision to the general public.

How will HWC support the general public?

The public has access to HWC’s webpages, with targeted information on Homeopathy, health and well-being, and can listen to our ‘BlogTalkRadio Shows’, ‘Health-Inn Shows’ & videos and our educational webinars. HWC is the public’s resource for receiving trusted information quickly.

What will HWC offer the practitioner?

As an online platform practitioners will be able to connect with fellow practitioners exchanging, interacting and discussing all topics surrounding health, healing, wellness, and the practice of homeopathy (treatments, experiences in practice, etc.)

HWC will educate Professionals (Homeopaths) and the worldwide public interested in learning about Homeopathy for their health. Our educational programs include the very popular Health Inn Shows – a monthly online TV interview show where experts in their fields come on as a guest and share information and practical experience to our audience of up to 12,000 live views. We also offer professional webinars and Continuing Education Credit for practitioners to learn & grow. HWC will also offer information for building and growing the providers clinical practice.

Every day professional practitioners share their experiences with the world through the HWC platform. The HWC community has helped to solve countless homeopathic cases and proves that Homeopathy has its place at the side of Conventional Medicine.

Why is HWC an ‘by invitation’ community?

We strive to be a dependable online community for Homeopaths, Doctors, and Complementary Healers and a trusted resource for the general public. We screen our members to ascertain that only qualified professional practitioners obtain access to our pages, assuring that the quality of information shared is professional and available at clinical practice level.

I am curious about Homeopathy, but I’m not a practitioner, can I become a member of HWC?

The target audiences for membership are Homeopaths, complementary and alternative medical and healthcare practitioners, and homeopathically practicing doctors.

Supporters of Homeopathy are welcome to partner with HWC (please visit the respective area in the above menu).

Members of the general public are invited to browse our pages, learn and take advantage of the resources’ offered by our members and partners.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of HWC?

HWC members will benefit from cost-free or reduced cost webinars, many of which we are delivering with ACHENA accreditation (CPD credits for participants). They also have access to existing videos, blog/form posts, group posts etc. HWC members make friends, can directly communicate within the Website by private and individual messaging, one-on-one or within a group.

Members of this forum can share educational articles to inform and stimulate discussion to other practitioners and to the general public.

Each member will have their own page on the site and can use their HWC pages to post information pertaining to their practice, and can promote their clinic, treatments and services, publications, books, courses, educational workshops and the like.

Please, click here for more information.

How can I become a member of HWC?

By registering via the menu above.

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