The Humanity is changing and these changes are Universal, affecting every segment of Life and Death.

We can see and experience disintegration that is impacting thinking, speech and activities. People are searching for sustainability, but they are not able to sustain. The slogan for this modern man could be: “The best fish swim near the bottom”. This truth tells how far the Man moved away from his and her real nature because we are searching for solutions outside of ourselves and not inside. Wars, deception, abbreviation of truth, cowards take pride in their bravery and the brave are immersed in depression like cowards, violation of human rights, dissension from native places, possessiveness… The characteristics of this age are endless. All of them are the amplifiers of Ego.

Since the inception of Homeopathy World Community (HWC), we have been integrating sustainable energy toward Gaia and Humankind. Our motto, “Creating waves of awareness” defines the human awakening towards a new era, away from greed, materialism, gluttony and self-serving thoughts and behaviors that lead to profit over compassion and concern for life.

The ancient people, our Great Sages shared their ideas for the sake of the community and humanity, creating good and timeless things by mere fact of truth. People must learn about the basic human values and build them into their daily routines of (1) personal lives and (2) work because they are the foundations of sustainable living and giving.

We envision homeopaths and homeopathic organizations working together, performing their expertise improving the status of homeopathy in the world-wide medical community, integrating the education and wisdom of homeopathic care for all people.

To achieve our aim in this multi-cultural environment, we address professionals from the perspectives of the general public.

HWC will provide the simplicity and beauty of belonging to this membership system, which provides streamlined online services. Along with the developments we made and will come in the future comes innovative services provided to bridge all the homeopaths and homeopathic organizations, held together by the foundational principles of caring for life above profit and materialism. In this way, we are already on solid ground as a family to move forward and create “waves of awareness” opening up the spirit of homeopathy as major medical system.

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