Homeopathy World Community (HWC) was founded by the late Debby Bruck. It was her life’s mission to serve homeopathy. She created the HWC website and brought together the world community at large.

HWC is a portal for practicing homeopaths, patients, and members of the public interested in the homeopathic treatment approach. It is a space for connecting practitioners and supporters alike. It aims to promote awareness of homeopathy throughout the globe.

HWC strives to be the search engine for homeopathy and the medical systems for complementary and alternative medicine and will be an aggregate of homeopathic resources, news, training, and a directory, and network for the homeopathic community.

Healthline best blogs alternative medicine 2017 award for HWC

HWC is a ‘by‐invitation’ award winning community of thousands of professional homeopaths and healers.

Our target audiences are Homeopaths and people interested in Homeopathy and other complementary and alternative medical and healthcare systems. The public has access to HWC’s webpages, with targeted information.

We educate Professionals (Homeopaths) and the worldwide public interested in learning about Homeopathy for their health. Our educational programs include the very popular Health-Inn Shows ‐ an online TV interview show with an audience of up to 12,000 live views each week.

We also offer professional webinars for practitioners to learn and grow. Every day professional practitioners share their experiences with the world through the HWC platform.

The HWC community has helped to solve countless homeopathic cases and proves that Homeopathy has its place at the side of Conventional Medicine.

Homeopathy World Community is the online community for Homeopaths, Doctors, and Alternative Healers.

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