What are the benefits of becoming a member of HWC?

HWC members will benefit from:

Cost-free or reduced cost webinars, many of which are delivered with ACHENA accreditation (CPD credits for participants).

Access to existing videos, blog/form posts, group posts etc.

Access to the HWC ‘What’s App study group’ featuring monthly topics and discussions.

Members will have their own page and presence on the website.

HWC members can:

Make friends, can directly communicate within the Website by private and individual messaging, one-on-one or within a group.

Share educational articles to inform, collaborate and stimulate discussion with other practitioners and to the general public.

Use their HWC page to post information pertaining to their practice promote their clinic, treatments and services, publications, books, courses, educational workshops and the like.

Become a guest speakers on the HWC ‘Health-Inn Show’.

Present a webinar to the homeopathic community.

Write and publish articles on their own page on the HWC website.

Receive discounted rates for promotional advertisements on the HWC website.

HWC members are:

Part of a supportive professional community.

Part of a greater, meaningful collective.

Enlisted on the searchable HWC directory where they can be found based on expertise, location and services offered.

Being referred patients if requests come in.

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