Rattlesnake Pit Viper Homeopathy Poem

Uracoan rattlesnake

crotalus vegrandis to you and me
silvery fabric for all who can see
their camouflage blends hues of brown
wriggling and squiggling on the ground

with care if you dare touch their head
squeeze a bit of venom they can be bled
just a drop is enough poison to kill
homeopathically survival is their will

The pit viper provides a cure
ebola hemorrhagic that’s for sure
if you play with neurotoxins deadly bite
your fate with anti-factors to your delight

Inebriated delirious drunken state
diseases septic malaria typhoid tremble and quake
blood flows from the eyes, ears, nose even bloody sweat
jaundice yellow skin don’t make him your pet

bad effects from wounds lacerations deep
even bloody menopause and flushing with no sleep
vomiting prostration this is serious stuff
call in the homeopath when you’ve had enough

Crotalus durissus vegrandis
found only in Venezuela in South America.
resources: Allen’s Key Notes
Source: Rattlesnake


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