Pre-scheduled study groups and supervision groups (exclusive for HWC members only)

On this page you will find dates and times for pre-scheduled study groups and supervision sessions. These study groups can serve the purpose of discussing specific topics about homeopathy and the treatment practice, or can be case-supervision groups where practitioners struggling with cases can ask other practitioners for case-specific assistance

These sessions will take place on zoom. Study group topics and the booked time will be announced here.

We are also seeking to provide access to practitioner supervision sessions for our members. These sessions are aimed at practitioners who are struggling with patients and their case-histories on a personal or an ethical level.

We are seeking to provide such supervision and study group sessions for free, therefore, if you are interested in hosting a ‘free’ study group or supervision session, or would like to participate in one of the groups or would like to book a supervision session, please, get in touch with Marilyn.

Topics for the upcoming ‘What’s App study groups’

The What’s App study group takes place every last Thursday of a month. To be added to the study group, please, provide your name and mobile contact to Marilyn such that we can grant you access. The topic for the upcoming group will be announced here shortly.

  • Pick a remedy group – cases, remedies and more
  • The therapeutic relationship – do’s and dont’s
  • Building Practice – tips and tricks
  • Different Approaches to homeopathic treatment – exchange of experiences
  • How to handle the scepticism and critique towards Homeopathy – resources, what to watch out for, where to refer to.
  • Difficult cases – the struggle is real
  • Supervision – when do you need it, what can be done – discussion
  • Homeopathy for the young – cases, remedies and more
  • Women’s health – cases, remedies and more
  • Men’s health – cases, remedies and more
  • Anxiety, Trauma etc. – experience, treatment etc. – cases, remedies and more
  • Addiction – cases, remedies and more
  • Circulatory complaints – cases, remedies and more
  • Autism, ADHD, etc. – cases, remedies and more
  • Cancer – cases, remedies and more
  • Aging gracefully – with homeopathy?
  • Eating disorders – cases, remedies and more
  • Classical prescribing vs. complex prescribing – thorough vs. lazy?

Past What’s App study group topics

  • Autism – approach, experiences, remedies
  • Help for the elderly – common complaints
  • Tautopathy & Homeopathy

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