Relationships are Comfort

by Dr Vrushali Saraswat, BHMS, FCAH

Case Notes

12th Sept 2015

A Female patient 32 years old presented with sudden attack on panic without any cause. “Anxiety Uneasiness in stomach palpitations, my nerves were pulling everything getting numb, but whenever I was standing I was panicky I was crying. Pulling everywhere I don’t know what’s happening with me. We went to health spring everything was normal but just pulling inside my heart, its making me uncomfortable”

She described this pulling with a peculiar hand gesture, like someone forcibly removing something from within. “Nerves were pulling and ajeeb sa dard in my hand”.
“Completely numb may be I was holding my mom I was panicked crying, every now and then I was feeling panicky, calling daughter’s name”. This pulling sensation made the patient very scared and panicked, she called up her husband and brother just to talk to them and she was feeling “this is the end of my life”.

When asked to describe this pulling she said, “Pulling is heavy, makes me numb. Heat flashes garami laga rahi thi. This is my last I don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s very bad. Someone is continuously pulling at my heart. I am scared of death only if something happens to me who will take care of my daughter.”

She started thinking about it as a cardiac disease and thought that this uncertainty is not good, this made her feel insecure, which she couldn’t explain further. So upon asking what security is she told “family, relationships are security for me.When I am surrounded by my relatives and family I feel safe, then the pulling goes away”. Both these things came with a hand gesture, she cupped her hands to form a ball and said
feel safe and did the same pulling gesture from this ball to demonstrate pulling.

Upon further enquiry she mentioned that she feels the same while aero plane take off, a pulling sensation along with insecurity and fear of death, but invariably she travels with her husband so she is able to manage and doesn’t land into a panic attack.

Regarding insecurity she mentioned “Like you know small things affect me a lot If I hear any bad news I will try and think what if I am in the situation what will happen to me. What will happen but whenever it happens I am able to handle in a strong way but I know I am not strong from within, I am a soft person cant take care of myself, I need someone to cover for me all the time”

When asked about cover she mentioned again that her family, husband, brother, mother they are her cover, who protect her from anything and everything. “You have a bonding strong so you can depend on them, that way I am very secured in terms of relationships.”

Patient as a person:

Craving: ice- creams, chocolates and sweets.
Aversion: Apples
Dreams: mostly unremembered and rarely of spotting tigers on safari which she enjoys.
Fear of dark and Ghosts, feels the same pulling and claustrophobia in dark but in a lesser intensity.
Thermal: Chilly.
She can’t ride the amusement park rides.
Motion sickness extremely characteristic, vomits in the ghats all the way.

Patient understanding:

The patient kept on describing the pulling in details as if something is yanked out and along with fear of death. She described herself as a soft natured person who needs cover in terms of relationships, so basically need protection – this is the theme of mollusk, they need protection as their body is extremely soft that’s why they have a shell.

The pulling experience is peculiar to clam, as they are widely eaten and the flesh inside is pulled out, this typically matches with the patient’s experience wherein she feels the pulling at her heart along with fear of death which makes her panicky.

The experience of pulling runs through all her stressful situations, like flying, panic attack or even in fear of dark.
She feels protected when surrounded by family and need their support all the time.
So family is her shell.

Motion sickness and amusement rides aversion are also characteristic of Mollusk, and especially bivalves as they are lacking in locomotive organs, any fast or unusual motion aggravates them.

From this thematic understanding Final Prescription is on 12th Sept 2015:

Venus-Mercenaria 200 bd for 2 days followed by Rubrum for 1 week
Follow Up:
19th Sept 2015
No fear of death, no panic attacks,
Feeling much lighter and fresh
Subsequently she improved substantially with 2 more episodes of panic attack in last 6 months
She needed 8 more doses over 1 year post which, she is even able to fly in planes without anxiety and even alone.

Dr Vrushali Saraswat, BHMS
Happiness Homoeopathic Clinic
Vidya Hospital
Heena Gaurav Jewels, Gokuldham Market, Film City Road,
Goregaon East Mumbai . 400063
• Doctor by profession, Healer by Choice!
• On the board of editors of NJH.
• Practicing and learning Homoeopathy since 2 decades.
• Conduct a flagship course “Soul SPA” for enhancing Happiness Quotient.
• Helping parents through “Rational Parenting workshops
• Recipient of Savitri Gaurav Puraskar

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